Medium Private Office
450 USD  / month
Renews automatically
Cancellation Notice
60 days
Minimum Commitment
6 months

150-200 square feet, a passcode on your own door, utilities and Wifi included. Go month to month, move your furniture in today, move out whenever you need to. Your own office + full co/work amenities: Unbeatable.

Includes 24/7 access to all common areas and co/work amenities with 4 hours of conference room usage and 4 hours of podcast studio usage included per month.

Join and set up your payment method and we'll share the building access code, your office access code, and alarm details with you right away.

Private office membership amenities include:

* Your own office (obviously!)
* Unlimited coffee
* Phone booth access
* Reservable podcast studio
* Reservable conference rooms
* Water cooler
* Refrigerator
* Pay-per-page laser printer
* Standing and sitting desks
* WiFi access

Booking Credits
Booking Credit
Market Street Conference Room
4h/month included
Booking Credit
Podcast studio
4h/month included
Booking Passes
Market Street Conference Room
25.00 USD
Hours: 1
Podcast studio
25.00 USD
Hours: 1
Common area
50.00 USD
Hours: 1
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