Bookings Only
no monthly fee

Book the common area right on Union Street for a larger business meeting, seminar, training event, etc. The common area is typically used by coworkers from 8 AM - 5 PM, Monday - Friday, but can be reserved for breakfast meetings, evening seminars or weekend events as needed.

We will help you with setup and teardown, as well as help you coordinate any event catering you may need. Includes access to:

* a Keurig coffee maker
* a triple-filtered water cooler with hot, cold and room temperature water
* a microwave
* a large countertop for any catered food
* a supply of tea and K-cups
* 52 feet of whiteboard
* Projector and large screens for presentations

Additional booking options include the second floor Union Street conference room and the podcast studio.


* The Bookings Only plan has no monthly recurring charge, however, you cannot book any resources until your plan start date. Make sure you set your plan start date to the day you sign up. Once your plan starts, you can book resources for future dates.
* Purchase of a booking credit enables you to schedule a resource in the co/work space. You must complete the process by reserving your specific time period. Please confirm the space is available during your required schedule on the booking calendar before purchase of booking credits. Unused purchased credits do not expire.

Booking Passes
Common area
50.00 USD
Hours: 1
Podcast studio
25.00 USD
Hours: 1
Market Street Conference Room
25.00 USD
Hours: 1
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